Booking Info

Its not uncommon that you wanna see a real deal Hawaiian phenomenon in person...
Question is what kind of booking are you hoping for?
Ive got a few different options.. Rates are on the "fund me" page.


Filming Fun:

I love finding new island sets, and filming the adventure even more! So help a girl out will ya?
These sessions are for supporting my cam business! I work on snapchat primarily
so these kinds of sessions help my small island business grow!

Show me somewhere new, and Ill put on a whole LIVE show for you!
Ill make you help me film, and torture you whle watch me burst right in front of my fans!  

Personal Session:

These sessions require much more attention then my snapchat business. 
So pay me to put it away for a while! This type of session lets you 
see more then just Karilyn, the cam model. You get to know the inner workings 
of my mind, as well as my body. Conversating and itimacy is key with these appointments!
I offer at-home sessions, outcalls, body rubs and soooo much more! 

Professional Spotlight:

These type of bookings are reserved for publicity! In order for any brand to 
be reputable, they have to be KNOWN. Need a sexy vixen, with no problem showing the people a fun time?
I am totally ready and willing to host your next event. Karilyn Monroe would go too!

Use email for a prompt response!